"We are aiming to reinvent the Wedding Speech industry."

Eamonn Ryan, Founder

"Let's disrupt wedding speeches!"

The wedding industry in the United States is worth over $70 billion. However few people spend any money at all on the speeches for their wedding receptions.

Yet bad speeches are more likely to leave a bad taste, than any wedding cake can. Given the huge budgets being spent on modern weddings, leaving the speeches to chance is a big risk to take.

Today, wedding speeches are typically:

  • written by the speakers themselves, often based on scraps found on the internet; or
  • written by boutique speechwriting agencies. These are small artisanal businesses and they do great work. But this model is not scalable.

We plan to disrupt the wedding speech industry (in as much as much it is an industry) by applying two innovations:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • For people who want good speeches with no fuss

    Our speechwriting tool uses OpenAI's GPT AI model, but it is much more than that. We were building it for several years before ChatGPT came along. It:

    • collects the pertinent information from the speaker, through a smart questionnaire
    • allows the user to select from our curated content
    • helps them write their own anecdotes
    • generates its own paragraphs using OpenAI's GPT AI model where appropriate
    • structures a speech based on an analysis of the inputs
    • blends all the content together to produce a beautiful speech..
    • ..while guarding against unnecessary duplication of content across the full set of speeches for each wedding
    Learn about WES, our AI speechwriting system 
  • For people who want the very best

    We have applied the AGILE methodologies that are been used with great success in the software development industry, to the art of speechwriting.

    • Wedding speeches have a lot of similarities with software actually. Like software (with its buttons, input fields... and its frameworks), wedding speeches are often made up of common parts (welcome the visitors who travelled from afar, toast the couple etc.). The value comes from how they are put together.
    • Yet wedding speeches are also highly personalized. And the best ones use original jokes, based on recent world events, or the recent achievements of local sports teams etc.

    Applying AGILE to wedding speeches brings efficiency, quality and synergies that mom-and-pop agencies can't hope to achieve.

    Learn about how we use AGILE 

Our ambition

Our ambition is to:

  • build the world's biggest and best wedding speechwriting agency.
  • continuously improve our processes as we scale
  • use those processes and the great people we recruit, to generate ever better and more current content
  • set a new bar for quality (and consistently exceed that bar)
  • have a lot of fun while we do it.

For the price of a bridal bouquet..

..we can provide planning and speechwriting of all speeches for your wedding reception.

See our ESSENTIAL PLUS offering
  • Speechwriting

    We offer 2 modalities:

    • Self-service using our online tool which is powered by our own proprietary algorithms and supplemented by AI (ChatGPT)
    • Professional speechwriting based on a consultation / interview
  • Reviewing and editing

    We act as a discrete neutral party who can review each speakers speeches. We weed out duplicate or inappropriate content, make suggestions for improvement. As we review all speeches in the wedding together, we suggest call-backs etc.

  • Coaching

    We offer one-on-one coaching for speakers who require some extra guidance. This is tailored for the individual speaker with guidance on how to manage nerves as well as how to deliver their particular speech (where to pause etc.)

  • Reminders

    Where we are involved in writing or reviewing the wedding speeches, we remind the speakers to get their content/ reviews/ updates submitted on time. Early speechwriting means more time to practice speech delivery. 

Wedding Packages Pricing

Our ESSENTIAL and ESSENTIAL PLUS speechwriting packages cost roughly the same as one bridal bouquet. We might be biased, but we think the speeches are just as important as flowers, especially when we are talking about ALL the wedding reception speeches. The value is not just in the improved quality of the speeches, but in the hours of preparation work and anxiety it saves for the speakers!

Simply select the number of speeches you want to include in your event and the price will be displayed.

The ESSENTIAL package provides all wedding reception speakers with the tools to easily write powerful personalized speeches, with some help from AI.
Coordination No speech coordination included
Speechwriting Three AI generations using our self-service speechwriting tool
Speech reviewing Not included
Coaching Email course included
Reminders Email

The ESSENTIAL PLUS package offers the ESSENTIAL package plus access to a wedding speech planning tool, ensuring the speeches are coordinated.
Coordination Using speech planning tool
Speechwriting Three AI generations using our self-service speechwriting tool
Speech reviewing Not included
Coaching Email course included
Reminders Email

The REVIEW package provides professional, independent and discrete reviews for a full set of wedding speeches, ensuring they are appropriately coordinated.
CoordinationPerformed during the review
Speechwriting Not included
Speech reviewing Up to three rounds of constructive reviews per speech
Coaching Email course included
Reminders Email, WhatsApp and telephone

The ELITE package is our full-service offer encompassing planning, speechwriting, reviewing, coaching and reminders.
CoordinationPerformed during the interviews
Speechwriting Professional speechwriters
Speech reviewing Up to five rounds of constructive reviews per speech
Coaching 4 hours included per speaker. Email course included
Reminders Email, WhatsApp and telephone