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Wedding Speech Planning Tool

Wedding Speech Planning Tool

Great speeches start with planning. This tool is designed to help the couple (or whoever is helping them plan the wedding) to decide which speeches should be included in the wedding and also what content should be covered in each of the speeches. The output can then be used to brief the speakers on what content each of them is expected to cover, which toasts they should give etc.

This project can also be purchased indirectly as part of the ESSENTIAL PLUS package.

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Do wedding speeches really need to be planned?

Definitely! The guests will get bored if every speaker rattles on about the same topic, even if that topic is the newlyweds. Sure, they're the stars of the day, but what about heartfelt words for the parents, bridesmaids, or other beloved attendees?

Getting it right is trickier than you might think. Who should say what depends on who else is speaking. For example, a toast to the couple would normally be given by the father of the bride but might move to the best man in certain circumstances. But who decides? Without some oversight, the result will be overlapping content in some areas and glaring omissions in others. This lack of cohesion and alignment is exacerbated by the siloed way in which wedding speeches are traditionally created.

The speakers at a wedding reception have 15-30 minutes between them to cover a lot of ground. By the time the last speaker sits down, every important sentiment should have been shared, and every significant individual acknowledged, all while keeping the crowd engaged. However, the speakers don’t have access to each other’s content ahead of time. So what to do?

Our specialized tool is your secret weapon. It gives you a chance to develop a unified vision ensuring that every speech complements the other, making sure no sentiment is overlooked and every cherished guest feels appreciated. Don't leave it to chance; orchestrate the perfect symphony of speeches with our guidance.

Why you should plan the speeches

Every wedding is a tapestry of moments, emotions, and stories. Among the most memorable of these are the speeches, where words convey love, gratitude, and shared memories. To make these speeches truly resonate, a well-laid plan is invaluable. Consider the myriad benefits of meticulously planning out wedding speeches:

  • Clarity & Cohesion

    Establishes a clear roadmap for the event's narrative.

  • Reduces Repetition

    Ensures each speech brings a unique perspective and message.

  • Avoids Omissions

    Helps ensure all significant individuals and themes are covered.

  • Appropriate Content

    Helps speakers avoid inadvertently touching on sensitive topics.

  • Smooth Transitions

    Allows for a seamless flow from one speech to the next.

  • Enables Callbacks

    Allows speakers to plan callbacks to previous speeches.

  • Time Efficiency

    Avoids overly long or rushed speeches, keeping the event on track.

  • Confidence of Speakers

    Avoids speakers second-guessing themselves about what topics to cover.

  • Balanced Tone

    Helps strike a good overall mix of humor, sentimentality, and gravity.

  • What happens next

    To get started:

    1. input an email address at checkout
    2. after purchase, you will receive an email with a link to our AI-powered tool
    3. you must log in. You can register with the email address on the site or login directly using a Google-powered email address if you have one.
      NOTE you must use the same email address
    4. when you login, you will see the speech planning project.
    5. when you complete that project, you will have the opportunity to opt in to beta-test our speechwriting projects as they come online.
    6. you will also have the opportunity to subscribe to our speech delivery email course for free.
  • How this service works

    When you log on to you will land on your projects page where you should see a project with an ASSIGN and a START button.

    • When you click START you will be taken into a questionnaire where you will answer a series of context questions (name of bride etc.)
    • They you be need to make some decisions about which optional content should be included and who will deliver it.
    • After you have finished this step, you press a button to generate the plan, based on pre-built algorithms.
    • You can then copy/paste the plan into a word processor or an email to further adjust it and then share it with the speakers as appropriate.

Free access to our email course

We understand that writing a wedding speech is just half the battle – delivering it with confidence and flair makes all the difference. That's why, when you avail any of our online services, we're gifting you complimentary access to our email course: "Mastering Wedding Speech Delivery" (valued at $8.99).

This 10-part series is designed to guide you from the basics of memorization, right through to owning the stage on the big day. Whether it's perfecting your tone, mastering the art of the punchline, or gracefully handling a chatty audience, we've got you covered.

You can start the course from your projects page as long as you have one of our paid wedding services. You can choose to receive the emails every day, over a one month period or weekly for 10 weeks.