Speeches as performance

We view wedding speeches as being a part of one 'performance', like a great piece of theatre. They should work well together, taking the audience through a mix of emotions (joy, laughter, nostalgia..) while ensuring nothing or no one important is left out. That’s why we created a wedding speech planning tool which is also available in our ESSENTIAL PLUS speechwriting package.

How our wedding speechwriting package works

The ESSENTIAL speechwriting package presupposes that the couple (or their wedding planner) already know what speeches they want at the wedding reception, and know what content they want to have covered in each of the speeches. Below are the steps you will follow from buying the speech projects to getting them into the hands of the speakers.

How our speechwriting service works in practice

The process is quite simple.

  1. You start from a point where you already know who your wedding speakers are (for example that you need 4 speech projects).
  2. Then you select the number of speech projects you want. Go to the checkout and complete the transaction
  3. Be sure to register on, and log into WeWriteSpeeches.ai using the same email address you used to complete your purchase. When you log in, you should immediately see the projects you have purchased.
  4. Next you label the projects, and assign them to the chosen speakers, using their email addresses. It's a good idea to give them a heads-up beforehand, so they will expect our email. 
  5. Those speakers must then register on the '.ai' site using the same email address used to assign the projects to them. Then they can quickly create their speech by following the steps described below.  

Our simple speechwriting process

The process for creating a great speech is very simple. After you have purchased (or been assigned) a speech project, you will see it on your profile when you log in.

  1. Click on START
  2. Answer the context questions that are presented. Things like the key names or whether you are the first speaker. Also questions about how you want to approach aspects of the speech (how to start etc.)
  3. Select from our curated content when it is presented to you (wizecracks, quotes, bible verses, marital advice etc.)
  4. Write anecdotes and other personal musings when requested. We will prompt you on how to do so.
  5. Then generate the speech. We will provide three drafts that you can choose from.
  6. you can then revise and refine the speech to get it exactly as you want it.
How our speechwriting service works in practice

Raising standards

We are on a mission to raise the standards of social speeches.

As part of this initiative, we have built a resource for rhetorical devices. We have created an "explainer card" for each of the main devices, each featuring some visual that we hope will help people quickly understand and remember the device. The cards are designed to be easily shared on WhatsApp by members of public speaking clubs.

Learn about Rhetorical Devices
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