Set the date. Don't worry about the speeches.

We’re here to help couples, their families and wedding planners to get the wedding speeches right. With minimal anxiety for you or your speakers.

  • Write it yourself

    ..with a LOT of guidance from our proprietary AI-assisted tool

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  • Let our professionals do it

    ..based on interviews with each of your speakers

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This image shows how the various WeWriteSpeeches service packages address the different steps involved in preparing a set of speeches:

Product Positioning of WeWriteSpeeches

Speak with confidence

It's much easier to speak confidently when you don't have to doubt the quality or appropriateness of your speech.

Prepare with ease

Whether you opt for our self-service package, our full service professional speechwriting service, or something in between, we do everything we can to ensure that preparing the speech is an anxiety-free experience.

If speeches are already prepared..

..we can check the full set, for quality, for timing and to make sure they work well together.
We are independent, neutral and sworn to secrecy.

  • Speechwriting

    We offer 2 modalities:

    • Self-service using our online tool which is powered by our own proprietary algorithms and supplemented by generative AI
    • Professional speechwriting based on a consultation / interview
  • Reviewing and editing

    We act as a discrete neutral party who can review each speech. We weed out duplicate or inappropriate content and make suggestions for improvement. As we review all speeches in the wedding together, we suggest call-backs etc.

  • Coaching

    We offer one-on-one coaching for speakers who require some extra guidance. This is tailored for the individual speaker with guidance on how to manage nerves as well as how to deliver their particular speech (where to pause etc.)

  • Reminders

    Where we are involved in writing or reviewing the wedding speeches, we remind the speakers to get their content/ reviews/ updates submitted on time. Early speechwriting means more time to practice speech delivery. 

Our wedding speech packages

We help you prepare all the main speeches you might need at a wedding reception. We offer service levels to cater to all budgets.
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