What the couple wants to hear - Wedding Speech Objectives

What the couple wants to hear - Wedding Speech Objectives

A wedding reception is an orchestra of carefully arranged elements, and among these, wedding speeches hold a distinct and memorable role. They serve as both a tribute to the couple and a bridge connecting two families together. More than just a formality, these speeches are the heart of the celebration, echoing laughter, love, and shared history within the reception hall.

From the couple's perspective, the objectives of these speeches are manifold and pivotal for creating the perfect ambiance at their wedding reception.

Ease Anxiety:

One crucial aspect that the couple often emphasizes is the comfort of their chosen speakers. They don't want to impose undue anxiety on those asked to share their words. It's a moment of celebration, not a stress-inducing ordeal. Therefore, support, encouragement, and assistance in preparing the speeches are crucial.

Representation of Both Families:

It's vital that both families have their say. This tradition is often symbolized through speeches by the father of the bride and the groom himself, representing the bride's family and the groom's family, respectively.

Competency and Respect:

Another objective is to ensure that the speakers deliver competent speeches that maintain a respectful tone. It's essential that no one, including the speakers themselves, feels embarrassed or uncomfortable during the speech.

Key Content:

All important elements should be covered within the speeches - welcoming all guests, delivering heartfelt toasts, acknowledging the love and support received, and appreciating everyone's presence at the celebration.


Ideally, the speeches should also serve as a source of entertainment, adding an extra sparkle to the joyful occasion. A touch of humor, a funny anecdote, or a light-hearted jest can make the speeches more engaging and enjoyable.

Emotional Resonance:

Alongside being entertaining, the speeches should carry some emotional weight. After all, this is a celebration of love. Touching stories, heartfelt sentiments, or memories that tug at the heartstrings can deepen the emotional resonance of the day.


Finally, it's crucial that the speeches adhere to a suitable timeframe. While the content is important, excessively long speeches may lead to a bored audience and can potentially derail the proceedings.

Wedding speeches, from the couple's perspective, are more than just words – they are an opportunity to connect, to entertain, and to express gratitude and love. They act as a canvas where the beautiful colors of their shared journey are painted for all to see. While it's essential that these objectives are met, remember that at the heart of each speech lies the celebration of love, unity, and the start of a beautiful journey together. So, let's make every word count and every moment memorable.

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