Speech Topic ideas: Connect with Storytelling

Speech Topic ideas: Connect with Storytelling

It can be a challenge to come up with speech topics to fulfil projects at Toastmasters clubs. Now you can use ChatGPT to help.  Here is how.

Just use the prompt below, making any adjustments you feel are necessary. Or simply use some of the ideas that were generated when we ran this prompt using ChatGPT 4. See below:



I am taking part in the Toastmasters program to improve my communication and leadership skills. My next project is called "Connect with Storytelling". The following describes what it entails:

  • Description: This project addresses storytelling techniques and descriptive skills to help make every speech relatable and interesting.
  • Purpose: The purpose of this project is to practice using a story within a speech or giving a speech that is a story.
  • Overview: Choose an established story, a story about your life, or a fictional tale of your own creation.

Please provide me with 10 speech topic ideas for a 5-7 minutes speech that lend themselves well to this project purpose.


ChatGPT 4 output:

Sure, I'm glad to help. Here are 10 speech topics that can help you connect with your audience through storytelling:

  1. "The Transformation Journey" - Share the story of your personal transformation, perhaps related to health, personal growth, or professional development. The narrative could include the circumstances that led to the decision to change, the challenges faced, and how overcoming these obstacles brought you to where you are now.
  2. "The Inspiring Mentor" - Tell the story about a mentor or person who has significantly influenced your life. Explain how their guidance shaped your beliefs, principles, or habits and how it's made an impact on your life.
  3. "Overcoming Adversity" - Share a personal experience or story of someone you know who went through tough times and emerged stronger. The narrative should focus on resilience and the power of the human spirit.
  4. "Lessons from Traveling" - Relate your personal travel experiences and the insights you've gained from them. Each location could represent a new learning or realization, adding richness to the narrative.
  5. "The Unexpected Hero" - Tell a real or fictional story about an everyday person who ends up doing something extraordinary. The plot twist should captivate your audience and communicate a meaningful message.
  6. "The Power of Kindness" - Share a story where a simple act of kindness made a big difference. It could be a personal experience or a tale you've heard.
  7. "The Journey of Learning a New Skill" - This could be about your journey of learning something new (like a language, musical instrument, or public speaking itself). The story should encompass the trials, errors, and eventual triumphs.
  8. "Surviving the Startup World" - If you have entrepreneurial experience, share your journey of creating a startup, including the ups and downs, and the lessons learned.
  9. "When I Met My Best Friend" - A heartwarming tale about the circumstances under which you met your best friend, and how your relationship evolved over time, teaching you invaluable lessons about friendship and loyalty.
  10. "The Book That Changed My Life" - A captivating story about a book that had a profound impact on you. Share what you learned, how it changed your perspective, and why you'd recommend it to others.

Remember, regardless of the topic you choose, the key to effective storytelling is to evoke emotion, use descriptive language, and create a strong narrative arc. Good luck with your speech!

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