Post-It notes as a speech memorization technique

Post-It notes as a speech memorization technique

Title: Stick to Your Speech: The Power of Post-It Notes in Memory Recall

Small but mighty, the humble Post-It Note is more than just a tool to jot down grocery lists or quick reminders. These vibrant squares can be your secret weapon in memorizing speeches. Think of them as bite-sized billboards for your ideas strategically placed around your environment, turning everyday spaces into effective memory aids. Let's explore how Post-It Notes can revolutionize your preparation for your next speech.

Post-It Notes and Memory

The method of using Post-It Notes for memorization is as simple as it is effective. It involves writing key points or sections of your speech on Post-It Notes and sticking them in places you frequently see or pass by. This technique leverages the power of visual stimuli and repeated exposure to aid memory recall.

This concept operates on a similar principle as flashcards, offering a tangible, visual reminder of the information you need to remember. As you move around your home or office, you will frequently encounter these notes, providing repeated exposure and reinforcing the information each time you read them.

How to Effectively Use Post-It Notes for Speech Memorization

Step 1 - Identify Your Key Points: Break your speech into key points or sections. These will be the foundations of your Post-It Notes.

Step 2 - Write It Down: Write these critical points on individual Post-It Notes. If a topic is complex, break it into smaller, more digestible parts.

Step 3 - Placement: Stick these notes around your home or office. Choose places you frequently visit or pass by. This could be your bathroom mirror, computer monitor, refrigerator, or the back of your front door.

Step 4 - Engage with the Notes: Each time you encounter a note, take a moment to read it and recall the associated part of your speech. This repetition is a form of active recall and will strengthen your memory.

Step 5 - Rearrange Regularly: To prevent your brain from becoming too accustomed to the notes, consider rearranging their positions every few days. This will keep your mind sharp and further reinforce your memory.  On the other hand, if you are also using the Loci method, you might want to keep the notes in a consistent location so you don’t confuse yourself.


The use of Post-It Notes as a memory aid is a testament to the idea that sometimes, the most straightforward methods can be the most effective. This technique not only aids in recalling your speech but also encourages active engagement with your content, further enhancing memorization.

Consider incorporating this method into your routine as you prepare for your upcoming speech. It’s an easy, cost-effective way to make your speech stick - not just on the wall, but in your memory. Here's to delivering speeches with confidence and ease, one Post-It Note at a time!

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