How to ensure the quality of a set of wedding speeches

How to ensure the quality of a set of wedding speeches

Hello to everyone planning a wedding and thinking about the speeches! When your big day comes, you want everything to be perfect, including the speeches.

We know that sometimes a speech might not work out because it's too long, too short, or just not suitable for the occasion. But when you have several speeches, there are other things to watch out for. For example, speakers might repeat the same stories, forget to mention important people, or not connect their speeches well.

To make sure your wedding speeches are great, both individually and together, there are two main things you can do: plan them and get someone to review them.

1. Planning Ahead

Think about planning your wedding speeches like preparing a meal. Before you start cooking, you decide what dishes you'll make, who will cook each one, and how they'll fit together. Do the same with your speeches. Sit down with your partner (and maybe your wedding planner) and decide who will give speeches, what each person should talk about, and how they can make their speeches fit together nicely. This helps avoid having the same stories told twice and ensures no important thank-you’s are forgotten. Planning makes the whole set of speeches feel more connected and makes better use of time.

2. Getting Someone to Review Them

After everyone writes their speeches, having someone else look at them together is a good idea. This person, who hasn't been involved in writing them, can see things the speakers might not notice, like if two people are telling the same story or if something important was left out. They can suggest changes to ensure all the speeches work well together and everyone enjoys them.

Using Both Methods

Doing just one of these things can help, but doing both is the best way to ensure your wedding speeches are as good as possible. Planning gives you a good start, and reviewing helps polish everything up. That's why at WeWriteSpeeches, we offer services to help with both of these steps.

Our ESSENTIAL PLUS service includes tools to help you plan your speeches, and our REVIEW service lets someone check all the speeches to ensure they're just right. If you want to use both methods, you can opt for our COMPREHENSIVE service level.  This ensures the speeches sound good on their own and fit together well as part of your wedding.

In Summary

Wedding speeches are an important part of your special day, and you want them to be memorable for all the right reasons. By planning and reviewing (or at least doing one of the two), you can ensure each speech is great and they all work well together. At WeWriteSpeeches, we're here to help you make that happen, ensuring your wedding speeches make your day even more special.

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