How our planning and speechwriting package works

This package is for couples (or their wedding planners) who know they need to put some thought into the wedding reception speeches, but haven't done it yet.

Below are the steps you will follow from purchasing your wedding package, through planning the speeches, and getting the speech projects into the hands of the speakers.

How our planning and speechwriting service works in practice

The process is quite simple.

  1. Go to the top of this page and buy a wedding package that includes the planning tool. At this point you might not be sure how many speeches you need, so you should buy a package with 3, and you can top-up later if needed.
  2. Be sure to register on, and log into, using the same email address you used to complete your purchase. When you log in, you should immediately see the projects you have purchased.
  3. Next the bride and groom (possibly with a wedding planner) should start the planning project. This will will help finalise the decision on which speakers should take part, and how the key toasts and other important content will be allocated across those speeches. 
  4. Next you label the projects, and assign them to the chosen speakers, using their preferred email addresses. It's a good idea to give them a heads-up beforehand, so they will expect our email. 
  5. Those speakers must then register on the same '.ai' site using the same email address used to assign the projects to them. Then they can quickly create their speech by following the steps described below.  

Powerful an intuitive wedding speech planning

When you log on to you will land on your projects page where you should see the wedding speech planning project with an ASSIGN and a START button.

How our planning service works


Below are the steps you will follow:

  1. When you click START you will be taken into a questionnaire where you will answer a series of context questions (name of bride etc.)
  2. They you be need to make some decisions about which optional content should be included and who will deliver it.
  3. After you have finished this step, you press a button to generate the plan, based on pre-built algorithms.
  4. You can then copy/paste the plan into a word processor or an email to further adjust it and then share it with the speakers as appropriate.

Our simple speechwriting process

The process for creating a great speech using our wedding reception speech projects is very simple. After you have purchased (or been assigned) a speech project, you will see it on your profile when you log in.

  1. Click on START
  2. Answer the context questions that are presented. Things like the key names or whether you are the first speaker. Also questions about how you want to approach aspects of the speech (how to start it etc.)
  3. Select from our curated content when it is presented to you (wizecracks, quotes, bible verses, marital advice etc.)
  4. Write anecdotes and other personal musings when requested. We will prompt you on how to do so.
  5. Then generate the speech. We will provide two drafts that you can choose from (or choose the best parts from).
  6. You can then edit the speech to get it as you want it (in our current release, you must copy it to a word processor).
How our speechwriting service works in practice